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Sports Physio on the Gold Coast

What to expect

Your physiotherapist will thoroughly examine you to assess your injury. Some sports injuries (particularly overuse injuries) are complex and the causes of the injury are multi-factorial, so it is important that your therapist performs a detailed examination, so they can treat not only your injury, but the cause of it as well. This is vital in prevention of recurrence.

Your physiotherapist may utilise a variety of techniques to help you improve, including:

  • Manual therapy (including soft tissue massage, stretches, trigger point releases)
  • Joint mobilisations (joint mobilisations are techniques used to improve joint movement and pain. Mobilising joints can often achieve similar results to manipulation (”cracking joints”), but without using as much force, eliminating the risk that can be involved with spinal manipulation.
  • Prescription of exercises
  • Advice on a graduated return to sport (this may require liaising with your coach)
  • If your physiotherapist is concerned regarding your injury, they may refer you for investigations ie x-rays/MRI, or they may recommend you see your GP or a Specialist.

Screening tests – sports specific

Sports injuries occur at all levels of sport, not just elite athletes. If you have been injured at sport, or pain prevents you from participating in sport, then it is worth seeing a physiotherapist. Your physio can correctly diagnose and treat your injury, so you can get back to sport sooner.

Another aspect of sports physiotherapy that should not be overlooked, is sports screening. This is a process where a physiotherapist will perform a screening test specific to your sport. During this screening process, your physiotherapist will look for (among others):

  • Muscle weakness
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Joint or muscular lack of range
  • Poor proprioception (joint position sense, an important skill that has been shown to reduce the risk of injury)
  • Poor cardiovascular endurance

By addressing any specific deficits you may have, you can reduce your risk of injury. Sports screening  is performed for all elite sports people, but EVERYONE participating in sports (even recreational sports) benefits from screening.

Book in to see your physiotherapist if you want to reduce your risk of injury and perform better. We offer physiotherapy for sports injuries at both our Gold Coast physio clinics at Burleigh Heads and Broadbeach but our rehabilitation and gym facility is located at Burleigh Heads.

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