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Hydrotherapy, or as it is now called, Aquatic Physiotherapy, is Physiotherapy performed in warm water. The warm water (34º Celsius) improves circulation and the buoyancy of the water reduces the force on the joints allowing exercise at an earlier stage of injury and speeding up recovery. This allows exercises to be done to improve strength and flexibility in a pain free environment.

You do not need to be able to swim in order to participate!

Each individual’s therapeutic goals can be addressed following an initial assessment and often, your physiotherapist will be able to provide you with an individual program that you can continue independently once you feel confident.

What can Hydrotherapy be used to treat?

  • It’s a great way to begin rehabilitation for those with severe low back pain or with injuries to the lower limbs
  • Improving balance at all levels, whether someone is currently unable to stand on land, or if they are looking to improve their stability in hopping or return to sport.
  • Muscle conditioning to improve strength and control
  • Joint and muscle flexibility eg. to maintain range of movement in rheumatoid arthritis, post surgery, or in managing muscle spasticity in children with cerebral palsy
  • Cardiovascular fitness to improve endurance, weight management, diabetes management, and for cardiopulmonary health.
  • Exercise is also known to have positive effects for mental health.

On the Gold Coast – Hydrotherapy is available in half-hour, individual appointments with our Burleigh Heads Physiotherapist on Wednesday mornings at the Palm Beach Hydrotherapy Pool (in the Palm Beach Olympic Pool Centre).

Health refunds are available please contact us for more information or to book.

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