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    Core Stability and Back Pain

    This article describes the anatomy of the lower back and multifidus, pelvic floor and transversus abdominus (or core stability muscles) and shows how to activate (contract) them to alleviate lower back pain

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    Corks/muscle contusions/bruises

    This article discusses the blunt trauma occuring to muscle tissue which causes a cork or haematoma and how best to manage it. And the repercussions of poor management (myositis ossificians).

  • November

    Paediatric Physiotherapy

    Chanelle Horner B. ExSc, M. Phty Congratulations to Chanelle on the birth of her 3rd child a few weeks ago. Chanelle is our physio with a special interest in paediatric physio. She is available for physio treatment of children and infants. Chanelle graduated from Griffith University in 2002 with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and a Masters in Physiotherapy. She has worked extensively in Hospitals in Australia and the UK, including 2 and a half years as the Senior…

  • November

    Bathurst 1000 and Gold Coast 600 Winners

    Well done Glenn and the Ford Performance Racing (FPR) team for winning the 2013 Bathurst 1000, and then backing it up with a win at the Gold Coast 600! Glenn when not working at Burleigh Physio, is the Team Physiotherapist and Human Performance Manager for the Ford Performance Racing team on the V8 Supercar series. Glenn has been involved with the team for the last 8 years. This role sees him in charge of the care of drivers and crew…

  • November

    Miami OzTag – 20% discount for registered players

    Burleigh and Broadbeach Physiotherapy Centres are proud to announce our support for Miami Oztag. We now offer a 20% discount to all registered Oztag players. Oztag is the fastest growing recreational sport in Queensland. Oztag is a non-tackling game with limited contact and the rules are designed to encourage this. Passing, catching, tagging, evasive and kicking are the skills utilised in Oztag. It is played over two 20 minutes periods with eight players from each team on the field –…

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