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  • June

    Wheelchair Tennis

    As some of my patients would be aware every now and then I disappear to work with the amazing Wheelchair tennis athletes as a Physiotherapist. These tournaments have included the Brisbane International, Apia Sydney International and the Melbourne open. I have also had the privilege of working with our Australian men’s open team here in Australia and in the Netherlands. Categories and Rules Within the sport there are 2 categories of athletes-the Quads and the Opens. Quads – have injuries…

  • May

    I have an extra bone in my foot!? Is that normal?

    It is not usually until you have to have an x-ray that you may find you have an extra bone in your skeletal make-up of your feet.  Although sometimes you may notice that your foot has a mysterious bump that other friends and family do not have. Do not freak out!!! Breathe!  It is a normal variation! Accessory bones or Ossicles of the foot are a normal variation that can present as both symptomatic and asymptomatic.  There are normally only…

  • November

    Why Might you Need Massage During your Pregnancy?

    Back pain during pregnancy is extremely common and usually nothing to worry about. It can occur at almost any stage of your pregnancy.  At Burleigh  Heads Physiotherapy we have a pregnancy table on which you can lie facedown throughout your entire pregnancy. The level of pain can vary from woman to woman and I find my patients often experience increased symptoms in subsequent pregnancies.  In cases where pain is severe and has not responded to a pregnancy massage we have…

  • July

    Torticollis in Children

    Torticollis means “twisted neck”. If an infant is born with a torticollis it is referred to as a congenital torticollis. It is common in infants ~ 1 in 250 live births and can sometimes be from their position in the womb or a difficult delivery. What are the signs and symptoms? Infants with a true torticollis may present with palpable soft tissue lump/thickening in a sternocleidomastoid muscle (the muscles that connect the breast bone and collar bone to the skull)….

  • July

    Help for Diastasis Rectus

    This article discusses rectus diastasis associated with pregnancy and stretching of the abdominal muscles and how to manage this condition with pelvic floor and transversus abdominus (core stability) strengthening.

  • May

    Pregnancy Inservice for Burleigh & Broadbeach Physio

    In March Natali Zantvoort presented to Burleigh Heads staff about current physiotherapy in women’s health.  Natali recently completed a 5 day intensive women’s health course in Sydney and spoke particularly to the physios about back and pelvic girdle (sacroiliac and pubic symphysis) pain during pregnancy. She discussed common findings with pregnancy related pain and gave tips to help accurate diagnosis of pain arising from the spine versus the pelvic girdle. Good diagnosis helps physios provide more effective treatment and also…

  • May

    Physios get update from top Gold Coast Surgeons

    In April our physiotherapy team attended a presentation from two leading orthopaedic surgeons– Dr Vertullo from the Knee Surgery Clinic and Dr Hammond from the Shoulder Clinic at the Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre on the Gold Coast. This is an annual event with the aim of keeping Physios updated on the most up to date surgical advances and treatment options in those specific fields. Dr Vertullo discussed in detail the” new” knee ligament (the anterior lateral ligament) that is…

  • April
  • February
  • January

    Back to School – Free Schoolwear Assessment

    Back to School 2016 – FREE School Shoe Assessment and Recommendations – January Don’t forget to book in to have your Children’s school shoes assessed by our experienced Podiatrist Aleks. He will also be able to tell you whether your child may benefit from arch supports especially if they often experience pain or tire easily. If you are interested in making a booking please call the clinic and ask to be booked in for a 15min free footwear assessment. For more…

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