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  • October

    Our skeleton and how to care for it

        Osteoporosis is defined as “a progressive metabolic bone disease characterised by the loss of bone mineral density, compromised bone strength predisposing to an increased susceptibility to fracture.” Essentially, it’s a disease that causes brittle bones that are more likely to break. It is typically known as a silent disease, as it is often not picked up until it is too late and a fracture occurs. In Australia, about 1 in 4 women over 50 and 1 in 2…

  • September

    What is trigger point dry needling (TDN)?

    TDN is a manual therapy treatment technique that uses fine filament needles to: immediately release trigger points in overactive / tight muscles normalise tone in a muscle and/ or stimulate tendon healing The result of trigger point dry needling: immediately improves pain and irritation in a muscle or joint improves joint mobility and function allows for quicker recovery and rehabilitation What is the difference between Trigger point dry needling (TDN) and acupuncture? TDN needling is VERY different to acupuncture. The…

  • July

    FIFA 11+ and the KNEE program

    In the middle of the Aussie sports season, I thought it would be great to discuss two programs within some of the most common sports that have been shown through a multitude of studies to decrease the risk of injury and keep you out of the physiotherapy clinic. With ACL injuries alone accounting for 25% of serious netball injuries and up to 20% of soccer injuries, I think the following two programs are 100% necessary within any local club. FIFA11+ FIFA 11+ was designed…

  • June

    Laugh Without Leaking World Continence Week 18-24 June 2018

    Resources from Continence Foundation of Australia – Five healthy habits for your bladder and bowel Good healthy bladder and bowel habits can have a significant impact on our lives, and small changes in our daily habits can help prevent, or at least improve, urinary incontinence and faecal incontinence.  By taking just a few of the following healthy steps in the right direction, you can make a positive impact on your bladder and bowel health. Inspiring stories Sharelle McMahon Elite netballer,…

  • April

    Bone Health

    Have you ever wondered what the potential risk factors are for osteoporotic fracture? There are both intrinsic and extrinsic factors relating to the risk factors of osteoporosis. Genetics dictate the majority of your bone strength but there are modifiable lifestyle factors which contribute to your overall bone health including physical activity and dietary factors. If you are over 50 and are concerned about the above risk factors of osteoporosis please see your doctor for more information or a referral for…

  • March

    Blood Flow Resistance Training

    Since the beginning of professional sport there has always been a push to have an edge over the competition, whether that be through types of training, specific diets or supplements. Over the last 5 years there has been a massive push in blood flow restriction in the big four American sports, which could have huge benefits for the Physiotherapy and rehab worlds. Blood flow restriction training involves putting a specialist cuff around a limb to REDUCE blood flow into the…

  • January

    Changes to codeine access

    From 1 February 2018, medicines containing codeine will no longer be available without a prescription. As an alternative to prescribing codeine, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has encouraged GPs to refer patients to physiotherapists. If you have been affected by these recent changes and would like to consider Physiotherapy to treat pain, please contact us. Useful resources Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA): The TGA’s codeine information hub includes a suite of factsheets, frequently asked questions and useful links for…

  • November

    New Initiative to prevent chronic disease – My Health 4 Life

    Are you over 18 and have a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, or high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, or previous Gestational Diabetes? OR are you over 45 – (over 18 for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander) – and having trouble managing weight gain, not getting at least 30 minutes a day of exercise, want to improve your diet, trying to reduce alcohol and smoking? Often we are not aware of our own risk of chronic disease. Several factors all increase our…

  • August

    I’m not as steady as I used to be!

    Are you losing confidence walking on uneven surfaces, or feeling unsteady in the shower? Did you know one of more older Australians living in the community aged 65 and up fall one or more times every year? There is an increased tendency to fall with advancing age as strength is lost, normal walking gait is changed, and the body’s balance system becomes dulled and slower to respond to sudden movements. Minor injuries are most common but unfortunately there is risk…

  • July

    ONERO offers new hope for addressing Osteoporosis

    What is the effect of Osteoporosis in Australia? The increase in health care costs and rising pressure on the healthcare system associated with an aging population is of great concern [1], with chronic diseases being responsible for the greatest healthcare costs in the older population.  Osteoporosis currently affects 1.2 million Australians [2], while a further 6.3 million Australians have osteopenia [2].  In fact, approximately one in four women aged over 50 and one in two women aged over 80 are…

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