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  • December

    Are you ready to return to sport after ACL reconstruction?

    Returning to sport is one of the main reasons why people with ACL injury choose to go undergo ACL reconstruction surgery. However, undergoing surgery does not guarantee return to sport, with only 65% of people who have ACL reconstruction getting back to their same level of sport. And, for those who do get back to sport after surgery (especially jumping, pivoting and hard-cutting sports) there is a risk of re-injury. How to optimise your chances of returning to sport If…

  • November

    Prostate Health and Incontinence Training (PHIT)

    It is estimated that 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Radical prostatectomy is the most common therapy for prostate cancer. Another common prostate cancer therapy is androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) which reduces the amount of testosterone produced.  These prostate cancer therapies can be effective in treating the cancer however they can be accompanied by side effects and complications for the men undergoing them. Complications of Treatment for Prostate Cancer More than 80% of…

  • October

    Prehabilitation – a Key Part of Recovery for ACL Reconstruction

    Are you about to undergo ACL reconstruction surgery? Did you know what you do before surgery could affect your knee function for many years down the track? And may even affect your chances of returning to sport? Prehabilitation is the term given to rehabilitation before surgery and has the purpose of improving strength and function prior to undergoing the procedure. In the case of ACL reconstructive surgery, prehab has been demonstrated to be extremely beneficial and have long lasting positive…

  • September

    Why do things hurt?

    Can you try and define pain? Pretend you are explaining it to someone who has never heard about or felt pain…… Pretty tricky isn’t it. Well, you are not alone. The definition for pain has changed several times over the years. Currently the international association for the study of pain (IASP) defines pain as an “unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage!” It’s important to remember that each individuals’ pain is unique to them. We…

  • September

    Will my body be the same after having a baby?

    Antenatal Physiotherapy   With increasing awareness of the importance of pelvic floor muscle function expectant mothers often ask me how pregnancy and child-birth will effect their pelvic floor. These are the questions that are often asked: “Will I leak?” “When can I return to exercise?” “Do I need to do pelvic floor exercises” “Will childbirth cause prolapse?” As physiotherapists with a special interest in Women’s Health, we have a good understanding of pelvic floor anatomy and function and how this…

  • August

    Concussion and Physiotherapy

    Over the past few years concussion has become a hot topic in Australia as more and more research emerges in terms of the long term complications that these injuries can cause. Concussion or mild traumatic brain injury is caused by a force exerted onto the head or other parts of the body where the forces are then transmitted to the brain in a “whiplash” type incident. Most common concussion injuries are as a result of falls, motor vehicle accidents, and…

  • August

    Is running bad for my knees?

    Ever since I can remember I have heard mixed messages about running and what it does for our knees. I can recall a coach yelling at me as a youngster for running on the cement when there was perfectly good grass less than a metre away. Had I been a fool, or did it not really matter? What are your beliefs? This has been a debate brewing in the health industry & society for years. Running has been blamed for…

  • July

    Hamstring Rehabilitation exercises

    As recently discussed, hamstring injuries are one of the most common injuries to occur in sport. As these have a high recurrence rate it is vital that as physiotherapists we get people back to their activity as soon as we can but, also limit the chances of injuring the hamstrings again. There are 2 ways to injure your hamstring muscle group. Running at high speeds Over-stretching such as kicking or dancing During both of these activities, the hamstrings must be…

  • July

    Hamstring Strains

    Hamstring strain injuries are one of the most common injuries in running sports and can take anywhere from two to six weeks or more to heal depending on the degree of injury. It is important to rehabilitate hamstring strains well after injury, as they have a high recurrence rate and can become problematic for some people. Fortunately, our physiotherapists are very experienced in helping people to get back to the sport or activities they love, quickly! What is a Hamstring…

  • June

    Massage and the Endocrine System

    The endocrine system regulates our bodies by secreting chemicals into our blood.  It affects just about every cell, organ, and function of the body, and also has a significant impact on our moods and mental state. Massage can affect the mix ratio and proportions of some of these chemicals which in turn causes a shift in our state of being.  It is helpful to know that the endocrine and nervous systems influence each other by a feedback loop. The body’s…

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