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  • May

    Dynamic Hip Retraining

    When you present with hip pain your physio will ask many questions and from this make a hypothesis of the cause of your problem. They will then assess any number of joints and muscles that they think could be the driver. In this blog, I won’t go through every assessment that may be chosen. This blog is about assessing and treating the dynamic hip stability i.e. the muscle system which is responsible for this stability. We call this dynamic hip…

  • May

    DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis

    DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis typically presents with local tenderness and swelling over the thumb side of your wrist. What are the causes of DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis? DQT is caused by the repetitive and excessive loading of the 2 thumb tendons (abductor pollicus longus & extensor pollicus longus) as they slide under a band of connective tissue at the wrist (the extensor retinaculum). It’s linked to a degenerative mechanism where there is thickening of the tendon sheaths and retinaculum but some studies have also…

  • March

    Physio for surfers

    How to stay wet, barrelled and happy surfing pain-free for as long as possible If you’re anything like me, you often go to sleep at night dreaming of surfing uncrowded, perfect A-frame waves rolling in. Of the 37 million surfers worldwide who go in search of such perfect waves and uncrowded lines ups each year, 2.5 million of them call Australia home (4). No wonder the line ups are always crowded, but even more crazy, is that the research suggests…

  • February

    The New Normal in the Digital Age

    As a health professional and a parent, I thought the beginning of the school year was a good time to go over some healthy media habits that will protect children’s vision, hearing and musculoskeletal development. Screens are here to stay so we need to interact with them in the most comfortable and beneficial way, the “new normal in the digital age.” Make it a positive change and lead by example. If you want to look up screen-time guidelines go to…

  • February

    Lumps, Rashes and Massage

    What happens if you have a lump or rash on your body and you want to have a massage? In fact, there are lots of different lumps or skin conditions that can occur,  here are a few common ones: Ganglion cyst – a non-cancerous lump usually on tendons and joint areas like hands, wrists and feet. Filled with fluid. Often not painful but might cause issues if impinging on a nerve. Lipoma – excess fatty cell deposits in a lump that can…

  • January

    Hamstring Tendinopathy

    With the rise in activity as the warmer weather hits the Gold Coast, I have been hit with an influx of hamstring related issues. Last year, we posted about the dreaded hamstring tear and how physiotherapy can effectively manage and rehabilitate back to sport. During the start of summer though, I have personally seen a few tricky overuse hamstring injuries. With this sudden influx, I feel a little bit of information would be great for any local runners or people…

  • December

    Is it okay for kids to lift weights?

    Calling all super parents! Are you always trying to give your child the edge in whatever sport they compete in? Have you considered weight training or strength training? If you answered no because you believe it’s ‘bad’ for kids then maybe reconsider and read on to be informed about how it could be beneficial for your child. Weight training or strength training is a huge component of most sporting programs for adult athletes. It makes sense “train how you want…

  • December

    Are you ready to return to sport after ACL reconstruction?

    Returning to sport is one of the main reasons why people with ACL injury choose to go undergo ACL reconstruction surgery. However, undergoing surgery does not guarantee return to sport, with only 65% of people who have ACL reconstruction getting back to their same level of sport. And, for those who do get back to sport after surgery (especially jumping, pivoting and hard-cutting sports) there is a risk of re-injury. How to optimise your chances of returning to sport If…

  • November

    Prostate Health and Incontinence Training (PHIT)

    It is estimated that 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Radical prostatectomy is the most common therapy for prostate cancer. Another common prostate cancer therapy is androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) which reduces the amount of testosterone produced.  These prostate cancer therapies can be effective in treating the cancer however they can be accompanied by side effects and complications for the men undergoing them. Complications of Treatment for Prostate Cancer More than 80% of…

  • October

    Prehabilitation – a Key Part of Recovery for ACL Reconstruction

    Are you about to undergo ACL reconstruction surgery? Did you know what you do before surgery could affect your knee function for many years down the track? And may even affect your chances of returning to sport? Prehabilitation is the term given to rehabilitation before surgery and has the purpose of improving strength and function prior to undergoing the procedure. In the case of ACL reconstructive surgery, prehab has been demonstrated to be extremely beneficial and have long lasting positive…

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