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All Pilates appointments are held at our Gold Coast physio, Burleigh Heads clinic

Clinical Pilates offers many benefits over traditional gym strengthening. These include increased muscle tone, strength, flexibility and improved overall mobility and movement control.

Pilates is great for anyone but particularly those with injuries, weak muscles and bad posture because it encourages you to strengthen your problem areas so you work hard but with low impact. Talk to any of our physiotherapists to see if you can benefit from Clinical Pilates.

How is Clinical Pilates different?

Clinical Pilates is a proven treatment for prevention and rehabilitation of spinal pain. Clinical Pilates has been adapted from traditional Pilates over the last 20 years incorporating recent advances in research into spinal pathology. This research has shown that improving control of proximal spinal stabilisers (or “core” muscles) can dramatically reduce the risk of low back pain, and also help in recovery from spinal injury.

Clinical Pilates concentrates on control of posture as well as “dynamic stabilisation” – which basically means being able to control spinal movement during activity – by activating those deep “core” muscles around the spine and abdomen. This is usually done with low load exercises, which also reduce the risk of pain during and after the exercises. It is this learned, precise control of spinal movement that is so important for preventing spinal pain.

If you are getting treatment for spinal pain, talk to your physiotherapist to see if Clinical Pilates is appropriate for you. Normally, patients can progress to Pilates fairly quickly. Remember, Pilates is not about “brute strength” but about core control, and therefore the exercises are usually low load. This means you can start these exercises early on in your rehabilitation program, even if you are in moderate discomfort. Often, we encourage early movement and exercise, as research indicates that exercise during the acute (early) stage of an injury can significantly speed up recovery times.

Pilates Equipment

Clinical Pilates Gym

Our Burleigh Heads practice has a dedicated gym / rehabilitation area with a Pilates reformer and Trapeze table, and we offer one on one sessions and semi-private (maximum 2 people) with each class being 30 minutes. Each client has their own programme tailored to their condition which is done under direct supervision by a Level 4 DMA trained physiotherapist.

As Clinical Pilates is widely recognized as a useful rehabilitation tool, it is often covered under Private health insurance, and third  party insurers such as Workcover and CTP insurers.

Please contact us for any further information or to book.

What to Bring and Wear

H2O, 2 towels and pillows if you need them to support your belly.
Wear comfortable clothing and grippy socks ( for hygienic reasons and so you don’t slip on the mats). We have grippy socks for sale at reception.

what to bring to pilates

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