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Gold Coast Physiotherapy

At Burleigh Heads and Broadbeach Physiotherapy Centres on the Gold Coast, our goal is to get you to Move Better, Feel Better and Live Better.

We will get you back into the things you love best – your family, your sport, and your pain-free lifestyle.

We are a family practice, and we care about you!

Both Burleigh Heads Physiotherapy and Broadbeach Physiotherapy Centres have been providing quality care to the Gold Coast community for over 20 years. We are passionately committed to our work, and pride ourselves in providing excellent physiotherapy care. Our physiotherapists are hands-on, experienced professionals who specialise in tailoring treatments to the individual.

We can usually offer same-day consultations, so call 5535 5218 to book an appointment today. Remember to let our friendly reception staff know if you would prefer an appointment at Broadbeach or Burleigh Heads.

Broadbeach Practice

Our Broadbeach practice now offers BULK BILLING  for eligible patients (Medicare EPC clients, DVA, Qld WorkCover).  We are also “Members Choice” and  “Members First” provider physiotherapists (at Broadbeach), for Medibank Private and BUPA, respectively. This means that you have less out of pocket expenses for your treatment. Enquire with reception when you call to make an appointment. Our Broadbeach practice is now also open every Wednesday!

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Our Staff

All our physiotherapists are university educated and are committed to continuing education, which means you will receive the most up-to-date, evidence based treatment. Daniel and Ceridwen have worked in their chosen fields for 22 years, Natali over 20 years, Chanelle 10 years, and Katrina has over 9 years experience. Leesa Webb has been practising as a remedial massage therapist/naturopath for over 11 years. By having 7 experienced physiotherapists, each with their own special interests, we are able to match a physiotherapist to you, according to your condition.

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Burleigh Heads

07 5535 5218
18A West Street
Burleigh Heads
QLD, 4220


07 5539 8830
Suite 54, Level 2, Oasis Shopping Centre, Victoria Ave
QLD , 4218

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Torticollis in Children

21st, July

Torticollis means “twisted neck”. If an infant is born with a torticollis it is referred to as a congenital torticollis. It is common in infants ~ 1 in 250 live births and can sometimes be from their position in the womb or a difficult delivery. What are the signs and symptoms? Infants with a true torticollis may present with palpable soft tissue lump/thickening in a sternocleidomastoid muscle (the muscles that connect the breast bone and collar bone to the skull)….

Help for Diastasis Rectus

5th, July

What is Diastasis Rectus ? Diastasis Rectus refers to the separation of the rectus abdominis muscle into two halves. Normally it is attached together by a fibrous tissue called the linea alba. It is common in late pregnancy or post-natally as the rectus abdominis is stretched by the growing uterus. Presence of diastasis rectus is palpated as a hollow or trough between superficial rectus abdominus muscle. The condition can be diagnosed by physical examination by your physiotherapist.        …